Heidi Klum and Ursula the Sea Witch

Heidi Klum looked beautiful last night at the Emmy Awards. No one is surprised. But by what was this beautiful Marchesa piece inspired? Clearly Ursula the Sea Witch. The neckline, the belly, the tentacles…




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2 responses to “Heidi Klum and Ursula the Sea Witch

  1. That is an absolutely hilarious comparison! I may have to link back to your blog post in a page I’ve put together about Ursula at http://www.squidoo.com/ursula

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Kind Regards,
    Laura Schofield

  2. Yes! I like this comparison — though I suspect we’re not giving enough credit to the Sea Witch!
    I’d walk to a movie starring the Sea Witch, but wouldn’t walk anywhere to see Heidi — unless it was across my living room to push the OFF button on my TV’s remote. She’s a REAL SEA HAG. And now it’s BREEDING…..!!

    R Dietz

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