Wolfram Alpha = Sucks < Google

I think Wolfram Alpha sucks. It could be very useful if I spent lots of time fiddling around and learning how it works. But why would I do that when I can pour the drivel directly from my brain into Google’s search engine and it will give me what I want 90% of the time?

wolfram-alpha-150x150The defense of Wolfram Alpha is that it is good with data. Okay. But so is Google. Perhaps I will ask Google to quantify how much Wolfram Alpha sucks.

So I googled, “Wolfram Alpha sucks”. 651,000 hits. Good, good. I would like to hit Wolfram Alpha about that many times.

But wait. I googled, “Wolfram Alpha rocks”. 1,141,000 hits. Now, this isn’t a perfect science, obviously, but in this informal poll of Google, Wolfram Alpha is doing pretty well.

It can’t be so.

I try again. Perhaps ‘sucks’ and ‘rocks’ aren’t very good antonyms. I try, “Wolfram Alpha terrible”, 496,000 hits. “Wolfram Alpha awesome”, 825,000 hits. Now maybe the sort of person who is inclined to write an internet piece about this site is the sort of person who is predisposed to like data and just eats up the Wolfram Alpha gig. Or maybe Wolfram Alpha is actually pretty good, and I am wrong.


But, a redeeming final thought: If I enter any of those search terms into Wolfram Alpha, you know what happens?

It says, “Wolfram Alpha isn’t sure what to do with your input.”

Great quantitative analysis of your own self-worth, Wolfram Alpha.



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7 responses to “Wolfram Alpha = Sucks < Google

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  2. At the moment Wolfram Alpha isn’t fully operational. In the future it may even make predictions about science and technology, the version we have is a beta version and it has yet to reach its potential.

  3. Kyler

    Wolfram alpha is amazing imo. It can render objects very quickly. For example, enter the following: cylinder height 2cm diameter 1cm

    That’s all it takes to figure objects information with some measurements. It is a great math engine and super advanced calculator. Google’s calculator is almost primitive in comparison.

    • Wolfram Alpha was good in the days when it was free. Now it sucks, because you have to pay to use the goodies.

      Computation timed out.

      That’s what you get from the free version.

  4. Wolframsucks

    Here we are, the latter-end of 2012, and wolfram alpha sucks more than ever. Video pop-up ads, banner ads lagging the application, constant nagging to “Upgrade to Wolfram Alpha Pro” (whatever that means), and a limited number of step by step solutions (must create an account to even get this). I should have seen this coming. I’ll be refunding my paid Wolfram android app and sticking to Google.

  5. Luis Deleon

    I can’t plot this in wolfram alpha:
    plot (cos(x)*(e^‑((x/2)^2)+1)+(cos(y)*(e^‑((y/2)^2)+1)))
    and there is no correct machine unambiguous grammar that I can use to tell it what to do, so whenever I want to do something usefull and I just don’t want to type into my texas, nor too complex stuff for buying software, It just wont work at all.

  6. Wes

    Thats funny. I found this page because I googled “Wolfram Alpaha Sucks”. I was pissed off because I’m trying to do HW and I have the answer to the problem but I dont know how to do it. I typed it in correctly but it keeps doing something else. Finally I just typed it into google and found how to do it. However, I still like Wolfram most of the time.

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