Recession + Obesity = High Waisted Fashion Trend

SkirtAs this Wikipedia entry on Fast Fashion illustrates beautifully, the fashion world is not typically a friend to your figure or your wallet. Nonetheless, by some cosmic fluke, the present prevailing fashion trend of high waisted skirts can be both.

Many Americans are finding themselves short on cash in the present economy. Many Americans are also a little heavier than they were a few years ago. Not to worry. For once, good can come of this situation. You see, skirts that once fit nicely around your hips in as per that early-2000’s trend will now fit snugly around your waist and be miraculously trendy. And you don’t have to spend a dime.



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2 responses to “Recession + Obesity = High Waisted Fashion Trend

  1. Good job, I usually don’t really care for purple color sites but you guys def. pulled it off. Great stuff!

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