Palin Criticized Unfairly

This week Sarah Palin was in the news for resigning from the Governorship of Alaska. If you’ve watched television in the past three days you’ve probably seen much mockery about Sarah Palin’s invocation of the federal government’s Department of Law, because DUH! it’s called the Department of Justice.

Her full quote was:

“I don’t think it will be the day after day after day of ethics violation charges that are frivolous, that are ridiculous. I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at this, the things we have been charged with, and automatically throw them out, not make somebody hire their own personal attorney to get out there and fight.”

All over twitter, blogs, MSNBC, and Facebook people mocked Palin as ignorant.

One Daily Kos author wrote:

True, this was not the first sign of Palin’s extremely limited, ahem, knowhow about these matters (and everything else outside moose hunting, running for beauty contests, winking at the audiences, making babies and shopping at Neiman Marcus)

I think that many of these critics are latching on to this comment because it fits very well into the Sarah Palin is an ignorant yahoo story line.  Unfortunately, this time it seems that Palin made a simple and quite understandable mistake.

Mark Tushnet at Balkinization explains:

The liberal blogosphere is getting all snarky about Sarah Palin’s reference to the “department of Law” in Washington. I’d just like to point out that it doesn’t take much (a Google search) to discover that the Attorney General of Alaska runs the state’s Department of Law. Surely a governor is entitled to describe the legal office associated with the executive branch as the branch’s department of law. Emphasis is mine.

There are many much more serious issues than this and given this logical explanation for Palin’s comment, it seems like this would be a great time to drop it.

Here’s the google search that Tushnet refers to:

Picture 1


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